south African Artist & Promoters Driven to Combat Covid 19

A total new perspective.


The Global pandemic Covid 19 is challenging the status quo in which society is forced to adapt to the new norm of social distancing. While South Africa is under National Lockdown it is crucial for us to prepare for the future by being creative and innovative.

Big gatherings mainly in the Arts and Culture sector are now facing a bigger challenge being categorized as high risk. Promoters, Artists and DJs make most of their income from live shows. In order for the entertainment industry to avoid the risk of suffering the longest it would mean inventing new ways and platforms for artists to perform to an audience.

We believe that in order for us to play a hand in fighting against the Global Pandemic, Covid 19 and poverty within the entertainment industry, why not create a space allowing for ALL Artists to come together keeping within the Covid 19 social distancing rules? Therefore we as an Entertainment collaboration introduce to you the first Covid 19 Drive IN Concert in South Africa.


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